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Honorable Mention 14

By - Zhang Yuntian, Lai Xinlong and Shang Yangyang

The visitor center aims to explore a way to connect the building and the environment. The water market is set up in the area where the single building connects with the environment.
The design concept of the project is derived from "entropy increase". "Entropy increases" describe the possibilities of numerous events brought about by the lake water market, which play a role in activating the waterfront space. At the same time, the design of the linear layout curved into a ring helps to integrate additional tour functions into the building.
The water market is rooted in the historical practice of fishing and selling on boats on the East Lake in Wuhan, where the project is located. In the process of urbanization, this vibrant lakeside business model has quietly disappeared. Therefore, this project not only guides tourists to experience the local customs of the market, but also promotes the gathering of the surrounding citizens, so that citizens and tourists can share the waterfront space.

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