Architerrax Fellowship Programme
Our Fellows


Our fellowship programme is a collaborative initiative which aims to unite, educate and strengthen the students of the architecture/design community.

In this programme you will have opportunities to learn, connect, interact and work with other like minded fellows around the world. Through this program, you will gain valuable experience that will make you stand out amongst your peers.

Advantages of Being a Fellow

1. Collaborative learning - The fellows will get a chance to explore and learn the fields of their interest through a collaborative work environment, working alongside other atx fellows. 

2. Recognition - Get recognized for your work globally.

3. Networking - Get a chance to network and build contacts with other architecture students around the world.

4. Scholarship and freebies - Get free or discounted access to workshops, events and competitions.

5. Enhance your management skills - Get a chance to lead and be a part of the co-ordination team.

6. Enhance your resume - Internship certificates at the end of the programme and a letter of endorsement to selected fellows.

Responsibilities of a Fellow

1. Research - Collection, creation and segregation of content.

2. Promotion - Promote current and future workshops, competitions and eventss.

3. Creation - Making posters, articles and posts for instagram for sharing knowledge to the community.

4. Planning - Plan for new engagement strategies and be your own boss.


Commitment of time - 2 to 3 hours per week

Terms and conditions

  • This programme is only open for under-graduate students of architecture and design students.

  • This position is tenured, part-time, voluntary, and unpaid.

  • Tenure for the programme will be 6 months (minimum 24 fellowship meets) from the date of registration. This can be extended up-to a maximum of 18 months.

  • All the applications will be reviewed by our team and only selected applicants will get the chance to become architerrax fellows.

  • A certificate of appreciation will be awarded on successful completion of tenure as well as the duties assigned.

  • The programme is an initiative to serve the architecture students’ community and the fellow is a representative for the cause, hence the fellow is expected to maintain decency and professionalism. In-case he/she fails to do so they will be removed from the programme.

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