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ATX Design of the Year 2024

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Unleash your creativity and compete on a global stage with Architerrax's groundbreaking architecture competitions. With maximum design freedom, prestigious judges from leading firms, and exciting prizes, our competitions are your pathway to architectural excellence. Join the league of visionary architects and showcase your talent today.

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Jury Members

We are proud to have a distinguished panel of jury members from renowned architecture firms who will personally review and provide insightful critiques for the top designs. Engage with these seasoned architects, gain exposure, and take your architectural skills to new heights.

Winners- ATX Design of the Year 2022
Winner- ATX Design of the Year 2022


URC- ATXD003307
By - Vanshika Vasisht, Anindya Achyut Pandey, Vishal Yadav

Runner Up- ATX Design of the Year 2022

2nd Place

URC- ATXD012212
By- Robert Winston, Jian Ying

Runner Up- ATX Design of the Year 2022

3rd Place

URC- ATXD010202
By- Taorem Sananu

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