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Mentorship Programme


Architerrax Mentorship programme is the first of its kind. We aim to connect experienced architects with students to bridge the gap between theory and practicality. This programme provides Architects the opportunity to give back to the architectural fraternity by helping train the future architects of this world. The main goal is to cover the key intricacies of design and equip students for the real world.


The Mentors and Mentees connect over online virtual sessions for open discussions. The architects will talk about the professional and practical aspects of architecture and advise students on various topics. The students will also present and discuss their design projects with the mentors. The mentors would function as the go-to person for advice on subjects ranging from choosing a thesis topic to building a professional career.

This unique programme, through its creative learning process has lots of knowledge to offer which can’t be obtained in a conventional curriculum or any place else.

Image by Green Chameleon

Gain Practical Insights

Learn from experienced architects on how to build your own professional career in architectur.


Coming Soon!!




Fill the application form and submit the projects and topics you wish to discuss with the architects.



Our team will select the applicants on the basis of the information provided by them.


Mentorship Meet

A two hour online meeting will be scheduled with an experienced architect.

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