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Honorable Mention 13

By - Goh Yi Fan

‘Crescendo’ intends to recover the popularity of Xinyao - a musical movement that was popular in Singapore in the 1980s yet obsolete today and the mandarin composition scene, by informing more people about this distinct art and culture, and creating spaces where people play and share music with one another. It becomes the hearth of Dhoby Ghaut where a sense of belonging and community spirit can be bonded.

The concept behind ‘Crescendo’ is metamorphosis - the transformation of colours and rhythmic qualities from Xinyao songs. These different emotions expressed are translated into the experiential portion of the visitors’ centre - users get a multi-sensorial experience by the songs and the movement’s history through digitally projected information panels and flying fabric. The metamorph also responds to local climate through its orientation - exploiting light from the Sun, ever-changing colourful shadows from the dynamic facade cast to within, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

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