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Honorable Mention 12

By - Stijn Haak and Maurice Verhoef

The Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa with its peak at 5.895 meters. Here, the results of climate change are extremely visible when looking at the disappearance of the glacier ice, something that has great consequences for a total of five climate zones that surround the Kilimanjaro. These climate zones are represented by a five day hike travel, resulting in experiencing a different climate zone every time you wake up.
The High Five focuses on framing the five different climate zones that surround the Kilimanjaro and is located along the most popular hiking route at an altitude of 3.820 meters, a unique location where from within the third climate zone all five zones can be experienced best.
The morphology is a result of extruding the path between lookout points that frame the five climate stages. The harsh brown irregular edges fit seamless in the rough environment but excites curiosity within surpassing hikers.

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