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Honorable Mention 11

By - Nadia Zubair Khaleel

As the population rises to 9 billion, it is important to find a safe operating space for humanity for the sake of future generation. Humans who were once a part of the Earth have now reached a stage in which they have the fundamental capacity to change the world. There is an urgent need to make people aware about their actions and its impact on the Earth so as to change their attitude towards their responsibility and sustainability of the planet.
Our Visitor’s Center aims at informing its visitors about Anthropocene as a scientific hypothesis and a currently debated global vision of the role of the humans on Earth. By translating various topics and approaches to define Anthropocene into three dimensional space, the exhibition will offer to the wide audience the unique opportunity to experience and to learn about the state of the current knowledge and ongoing discussions.
Since everyone’s interpretation and experiences are different, our objective will be to create a place that invites people to form their own opinions and to engage with it in subjective ways. This experimental knowledge is what will lead to a shift in consciousness and consciousness will lead to real and profound change.

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