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Honorable Mention 10

By - Kaynat Faisal Shaikh

Digit to Digit speaks about interactive spaces which keep evolving at any given point of time. The idea implicates that a structure or space is in a state of constant reconfiguration and hence is always in process and progress.
When there’s discussion about progress of a certain built space, it’s never in isolation. It’s space around and within that also needs repair for a more coherent natural environment. That leads one to consider the design as transitional spaces.
Upon certain analysis its derived that in any context the user defines and drives the space. With the Indian context under observation, architectural chronology can be divided into two major categories i.e. Hi-Tech and Low Tech. The design would focus on blending the gap between the two by expecting a collaboration between the commercial BKC people and the Dharavi Slum Crafters. The site is strategically selected at the central commercial complex with surrounding open spaces, facing the Mithi River Stretch and Dharavi Slums on the opposite edge. One of the key proposals to the design would be to rejuvenate the Mithi River so as to have an active waterfront. The Bridge would not only connect the two spaces but also act as a pause point creating interaction and benefitting the users.

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