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Honorable Mention 09

By - Nivas. P and Maragatha Mahisha. T

A butterfly reclining along the bed of the wetlands, not fully emerged yet resting on its pace and it is grabbing attention on the natural scape. This creature’s survival is an essential part in the globe and we are in need to conserve and promote the living treasures. This space is based on the characteristics of butterflies, its patterns, colour palette and illusions. An abstracted element of butterfly is introduced into each space, to captivate the visitors.
The narrow entrance leads to the spacious exhibit zones with various glass tunnels of butterflies and curvy guiding floor lights. The glass tunnels are semi circular bubbles emerging from the earth. The arched opening to each part of the space is a replication of a moth’s structure. The colour splash on the curvy walls from the giant butterfly is a mirage of light reflections from the coloured glass panels by the kinetic movement of light will provide the illusion of flying. These reflections fill the white walls with colours making it vibrant and gaiety. The central dome is a kaleidoscope zone, wherein visitors have the feeling of downsizing as that of insects, and their various colours are reflected as patterns on the mirrors. Winged glass passage tunnels lead the visitors through the closed yet open butterfly garden. The surprising factor in the library is its illusionary shelves, providing the mirage through dual shades.
These spaces astonish through the features of butterflies and its abstraction applied to the space. The experience through the reflected colours, patterns and forms takes you to a wild ride.

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