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Honorable Mention 07

By - Fatma Ece Guresoy, Irem Aslanbab and Emine Tanrikut

Provenientia imagines a new kind of approach to the visitor's center by providing a voyage within sentimental and physical experiences. It runs through the place where water once did in the land of Navajo, Upper Antelope Canyon.
Provenientia recalls the memory of Navajo ancestors by not only displaying their artifacts but also adopting their culture, which builds up the sentimental background. In this context, it consists of four primary spaces named after the four sacred colors of Navajo culture: White, Yellow, Blue, and Black.
Provenientia recalls the water that molded the canyon in the past and embraces it to shape the dynamic and fluid form in the present. Visitors are driven into the subconscious of the land with the curiosity factor provided by the constant visual connection between spaces with physical limitations.
The journey that has started on the tangible ground continues on the philosophical cross-section of reality and ends as the individual becomes a part of the land's memory.

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