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Honorable Mention 06

By- Loke Zhi Ming

Throughout the developments of Ipoh, the Limestone hills have often been Quarried and damage done to existing Limestone Hills. In a similar situation, the proposal is located between 2 Limestone Hills, formerly connected, but now separated and split apart due to development. Therefore, the proposal suggests a Visitor Centre that acts as a symbolic connection, a spatial connector which suspends itself in mid-air, articulating exhilarations experienced through storytelling space. Tectonically, the proposal draws inspiration from natural Limestone Karst formations. As the architecture connects the 2 Limestone Hills, its spatial language finds the intersection between natural formation and deliberate articulation. Spaces are carved and hollowed, creating differentiation and continuity in spatial transitions across different scales. Light is made to percolate through the spaces between different levels, and the façade transparencies blur the interior and exterior boundaries. Traversing the journey, both internal and external atmosphere are in constant dialogue.

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