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Honorable Mention 03

By - Justin Guo

This is a visitor center building designed for Tibet, China. Since half a century, the total population of the world has increased tremendously. In 2018 it further increased to about 7.6 billion. So under the trend that land becomes more and more precious, this makes me believe that the use of underwater space has become a wonderful strategy. This visitor center building is located at the bottom of Yamdrok Lake in Tibet. It is connected by multiple vertical buildings through walkways on the water, visitors enter the building through these walkways. Borrowing its geographical advantages, the building is equipped with a conversion device that can convert geothermal energy into electricity, which can save energy and protect the ecology. Inside the building, there are learning centers, museums, and cinema to help visitors understand Tibet, consultation rooms to answer visitors' questions, and there will be a lot of activities about Tibet in the public activity rooms, it will bring visitors into the local atmosphere, give visitors more opportunities to interact, etc.

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