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Honorable Mention 02

By - Zhang Zhen

The site is located on Daheishan Island in the Changdao district of Yantai City in China, where a large number of migratory birds fly to the island to rest in spring and autumn every year. The original ecological landform and beautiful sea view attract a lot of tourists to travel and spend their holidays.
I got the climbing characteristics of vines, and combined it with lightweight transparent cloth membrane materials, the epidermis membrane attached to the cloth surface construction, the building is endowed with life with the growth of vines, not only in the four seasons have different architectural form and light, and its spatial pattern also naturally with the seasons change, so as to realize the total integration of architecture and nature.
Here, architecture becomes nature, and nature becomes architecture. When people look up at the sky in the buildings, the leaves of the vines are fluttering in the wind, and birds are skimming through the cracks of the sun...Perhaps only the zero distance between human habitation and nature can we truly feel nature and awaken the heart of awe towards nature.

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