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2nd Place

By - Qiao Gong, Shizhao Chen and Yuyan Lin

Whilst technology has revolutionised the way we travel in the 21st century, the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has exposed our inability to sustain economies domestically. Few industries have been affected more than tourism, with a 42.1% decrease in revenue compared to that of 2019, our traditional ways of connecting globally through travel have become redundant. The Glo-cal Experience is a modular skyscraper system that brings the experience of tourist destination countries to a dedicated site in a host city, domesticating international travel by going glo-cal. Participating guest countries are showcased for a limited period, in which they rotate their modules to various host cities based on travel data, such as popularity, attraction diversity, and seasons. This rotational model enables visitors to experience an array of international travel destinations, whilst ensuring visitors return in anticipation for the “next” destination.

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