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Architecture in Video Games

Architecture plays a vital role in video games rather than just being the backdrop of an imaginary place or the genuine render of an existing one. It is, in fact, a basic component used in taking gamers into a virtual world that feels just as genuine as the real world does, but with extra adrenaline.

Cyberpunk 2077:

The game takes place in Night City, a Northern California city-state that has ceded its government to the five largest corporations. V’s apartment consists of a single open area with multiple small rooms plugged into its perimeter, reminiscent of the interiors of Japanese Metabolist architecture despite its location in the Little China neighborhood.


It's long black hallways are labyrinthine in design, making you feel like you're being suffocated slowly; though both the red keeping and the ship are scary, the designs intrigue you enough to keep you wanting to explore.


Europe's pre-industrial Gothic Revival ; cobblestone streets ; enormous Gotham excess the city with its towering baroque structures connecting and protruding off of various angles. The city takes a lot of inspiration from paintings.


Art deco style has been put under water and toyed with to exaggerate the futuristic aspects of its design. Art Deco, a very ornate style, uses materials such as aluminum and stucco, which gives it a sort of sheen which is very apparent in Bioshock.

Assassin's Creed Unity:

The game depicts 18th century Paris. The design team used multiple historians to make sure that the game's depiction of Paris was as accurate as possible, at the level of placing even an individual brick.

These were some of the architectural choices made by video game developers to immerse players in the world they've created. Hope you found this article both entertaining and helpful in your future endeavors!


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