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Top 5 Postgraduate Courses after Bachelors in Architecture

There are various pursuable paths after a bachelors in architecture and choosing to continue studying is one of them. Pursuing a master’s degree is a popular choice among B. Arch graduates. There are multiple viable options ranging from Master’s in industrial design to an MBA in construction management. To give you some clarity on the various options for those wanting to apply for a master’s degree, here are some programs one can consider.

Masters in Architecture

A Masters in Architecture could be for you, allowing you to develop your skills in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject, and preparing you for a range of architecture careers. This is the most popular choice after completing a B. Arch degree, usually a two year program. This degree takes a more in-depth approach into architecture. And a master’s degree can allow further specification into various fields.

Masters in Industrial design

Students who want a career in the industrial design field should definitely consider pursuing this degree. The program teaches students how to go about developing quality industrial designs through a creative and effective process. This degree provides the experience and knowledge that students need to secure high-level positions in the industrial and product development industries.

Master in Urban design

Students entering this field will focus on the design and shaping of cities, towns, and even villages. Urban design is an interdisciplinary field that pulls from several subjects including architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and engineering. Degree programs vary from school to school and a curriculum may include courses on a range of topics. There is a broad demand for professionals in this career, from local towns to worldwide urban centers.

Master in interior design

An interior design master's degree prepares students to work as researchers, professors, and other leaders in the field. Additionally, this degree prepares graduates to work in several other industries, including architecture, urban design, project management, and facilities planning. Successful interior design professionals typically pay close attention to details and possess strong communication, problem-solving, and multi-tasking skills.

M.BA. in Construction, Economics and Quantity Survey

This course teaches architects to manage teams regulate the activities on-site, conduct surveys and reports to allow users to make informed decisions. Quantity Surveyors and Construction Economists play an essential role in managing the finance-related aspects for construction projects and make them more cost-effective. Due to this reason, they have earned much attention in recent times. One of the primary tasks of a quantity surveyor includes calculating the budget based on the client’s requirement and preparing an adequate budget for each step of the construction process. Not just this, they are also required to have a ‘bigger’ picture mentality and need to ensure the best possible quality resources to use during the whole construction process.


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