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Junk Architecture

The people of this world create 1.3 billion tons of garbage each year, which is equivalent to over 3,000 Empire State Buildings. Experts say we’re at a crisis level in waste generation and the environmental consequences are huge. Besides 'creating less waste' as a lesson to be learned, we should live more by the philosophy of Boyd Packer — “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”. And the second part of the solution is to change our perspective.

Below are a few of those great examples which show us how Architects and Designers play a part in this problem-solving.

The Temple of a Million Bottles

Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew- this 20-building temple complex in Thailand is comprised of more than 1.5 million Heineken and Chang beer bottles. Decorative mosaics using the beer bottle lids while intricate patterns with the color duo- green and brown.

The Bottle Houses

These fairytale-like structures were built by Édouard Arsenault out of more than 25,000 recycled glass bottles that he gathered from around the community. Now open as a tourist attraction, the complex consists of a six gabled house, a tavern, and a chapel.

Collage House, Mumbai

Collage House in Mumbai is built around a central courtyard and has a facade made from the doors and windows of homes that were demolished in the city, according to S+PS Architects.

Keetwonen complex

Billed as the largest container city in the world, Amsterdam's massive Keetwonen complex houses 1,000 students. Each resident enjoys a balcony, bathroom, kitchen, separate sleeping and studying rooms and large windows. The complex has central heating and high speed Internet, as well as dedicated bike parking.

Paper House, Massachusetts

In 1922 Elis Stenman began building a house out of newspaper. The entire house, save for the wooden frame, is made of newspapers rolled and varnished. The paper provides excellent insulation and the varnish keeps the property from collapsing into a pile of mush.

The Kitchen Sink Building

If you think kitchen sinks are only for your contemporary kitchen, think a million times because 2012 Architechten has built the super sustainable building made entirely of kitchen sink. The community around this sustainable building uses it for cultural activities. In addition, this kitchen sink building also collects rainwater in tank and used for its neighboring collective garden. Aside from the sustainability it has, the shimmering stainless steel sinks of this building will definitely serves as a tourist attraction as well.

Sir David Steiner, CEO of Waste Management Inc. (WM) in 2010 rightly said in his report - "One man’s trash is another’s treasure".

Article By Team Faber-


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