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Eclecticism In Architecture

Eclecticism in architecture flourished in the 19th and 20th century. It refers to any design that incorporates elements of motifs and styles, décor and ornaments, structural features that originated from a mix of other cultures or architectural periods

The main driving force for designers adopting ‘Eclecticism’ was to collect from different historical styles or elements that may be part of a roof, entrance hall, interior courtyard, façade or arcade of arches and others in such a way that it would create a building with its own identity rather than revive an older style.

Soon, Modernism and Art Deco became more prevalent due to wide availability of new technology and materials. Consequently, eclecticism declined in favor. However, this style revived in a newer form during post modernism.





Eclecticism is a style that offers creative freedom, with no guiding rules. As much as its appreciated for its expression, its just as easy to risk creating an unsuccessful design due to its vastness in approach.

We hope this article has been both informative and entertaining!


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