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Desert Architecture

Desert Architecture can be characterized as "architecture of extremes", because of its obligation to address needs and problems of an extreme character. The problem of thermal comfort in buildings is perceived as one of the more characteristics and difficult problems that desert architecture must address.

Site Strategies :

Various characteristics of design and construction enable the improvement of thermal comfort to be integrated into a building without the use of artificial means and expandable energy.

Some Passive Strategies include :

● Passive Cooling

● Shading devices

● Sun control devices

● Build with Courtyards

Architect : Openstudio Architects

Location : Karoo Desert, South Africa

Design Strategies :

Passive temperature regulating system.

Huge openings with sliding.

Local techniques of brick-on-edge floors.

Roughcast lime-washed plaster walls.

Outdoor dry stone wall.

Huge openings with sliding timber shutters were built into the main living spaces, positioned to interact with the sun.

The shutters are a shield from heat in the summer and a sun-trap in the winter.

Warming up the dense brick floors.

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