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Art Movements Timeline

In this article, we will see a comprehensive timeline of the different art movements throughout history.

1509: High Renaissance

Classical art is renowned for its harmony balance and sense of proportion. In its paintings and sculptures, it employs idealized figures and shapes. Color is always subordinated to line and composition.

1818: Romanticism

Spurred by the idealism of the French Revolution, this movement's emphasis on senses and emotions were equally important, whilst also celebrating the individual imagination and intuition in the search for individual rights and liberty.

1821: Naturalism

Inspired by the adaptations of the principles and methods of natural science, this movement also attempted to depict humans in their formative relationships with natural habitats, with visual accuracy approaching photography.

1857: Realism

This movement rejected idealism in favor of a close look at outward appearances, attempting to accurately create a detailed, unembellished depiction of contemporary life.

1872: Impressionism

Loosening their brushes and lightening their palettes to include pure and intense colors, this movement aimed to abandon traditional linear perspective and clarity of form, as well as finished details, in order to capture the fleeting impression made by objects on the eyes or a split second of life.

1908: Symbolism

As a reaction against the objectivist aims of Realism, emerged favored works based on fantasy and imagination that turned to mysticism and even the occult in an attempt to evoke subjective states of mind by visual forms.

Thus, different art movements throughout history helped progress art to the state that it is in today, contributing to the style of art that is in vogue and in development throughout the world in the present day and age.


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