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Architecture Inspired By Music

Music and architecture are similar in many ways. They are both abstract art forms that use proportion, texture and articulation. The repetition of façade elements such as windows and columns form a rhythm in architecture, while rhythm in music uses patterns of beats. Today, we will take a look at some architecture inspired by music.

1. Dancing House

Prague, Czech Republic

Completed: 1996

Designed by Frank Ghery and Vlado Milunić, the dancing house is a residential building inspired by two dancers, Fred and Ginger, depicted in a classical film. The glass tower with curved columns symbolized Ginger and her dress while the right part with an abstract roof symbolizes Fred wearing his hat.

2. The Harp-Nieuw Viennep Bridge

Completed: 2004

Inspired by the harp, a stringed musical instrument, Santiago Calatrava designed the cable-stayed bridge. The angled pylon is stabilized by the steel cable stays connected to the carriageway depicting the anatomy of the harp.

3. The Sea Organ

Zadar, Croatia

Completed: 2005 Designed by Nikola Bašić, the sea organ is a major tourist attraction in Croatia. A system of polyethylene tubes in cavities beneath the steps help release different sounds caused by the waves. This structure links architecture to nature.

4. Sound of Wind Chapel

Osaka, Japan

Completed: 2013 This chapel designed by Ryuichi Ashizawa architects is not just a structure but a musical instrument itself. Situated next to a lake, the winds travel into the building and flowing over stainless-steel wires that create beautiful harp like sounds that change tone.

5. The Singing Ringing Tree

Burnley, United Kingdom

Completed: 2006 Architects, Anna Lui and Mike Tonkin designed this 3 metre/ 10ft tall musical sculpture made from galvanised steel pipes. These pipes create a harmonic choral sound from wind energy. Most pipes are structural while others are cut to enable certain sounds.


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