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Architecture in Science Fiction

Science fiction is a gateway to fantastical realms that still take inspiration from grounded and realistic concepts. In this article, we shall explore the architectural ideas that have been implemented in various sci-fi media through the years and what they say about the culture that implemented them.

Black Panther (Wakanda):

The architectural style that pervades Wakanda is called Afrofuturism: a physical manifestation of African culture presented with a futuristic approach. Inspired from Zaha Hadid's projects, the city retains the vernacular material choice with a blend of modernity and curves.

Thor (Asgard):

Asgard, a world of organized chaos, was computer generated using Fractal Geometry. The city is a collection of gleaming pyramids, intricate spires, statues and columns surrounding the main Palace – a multiple tiered structure resembling a towering pipe organ.

Altered Carbon:

The show uses ideas from Parametric architectural style. Parametric tower above the clouds seems to resonate Voronoi Morphologies. Concept for supertall hanging skyscraper came from Analemma Tower.

Harry Potter (Hogwarts):

Medieval Gothic: A mixture of several styles can be seen in this series, including Norman Romanesque, Gothic and Gothic Revival. Use of massive semi-circular arches over windows and doorways, arched cloisters (semi-open covered walkways around quadrangles), vaulted ceilings, bell towers can be seen throughout Hogwarts.

Iron Man:

Modern Architecture: In keeping with Tony Stark's lifestyle, his futuristic house is completely built with white cement, stainless steel, glass with a hypnotic view of the ocean. The interiors were shot from a real mansion in La Jolla, California. The fictional high rise, self-sustainable Stark Tower has a 93 story main tower and is located in Midtown Manhattan.

Attack on Titan:

Romanesque Architecture: The style is a mix of half-timbering for the homes, whereas the walls and more civic buildings are Romanesque in nature. Use of semicircular arches for windows, doors, and arcades; barrel or groin vaults can be observed.

Hope you found this article both entertaining and informative!


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