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15 Minute City

A 15-Minute City is a residential urban concept in which most daily necessities can be accomplished by either walking or cycling from residents' homes. The concept was popularized by Paria mayor Anne Hidalgo and inspired by French-Colombian scientist Carlos Moreno.

15-minute cities are built from a series of 5-minute neighborhoods also known as complete communities or walkable neighborhoods. The concept has been described as a "return to a local way of life."

It is derived from historical concepts of proximity and walkability, such as Clarence Perry’s controversial neighborhood unit.

A research model published by Moreno in 2021 introduced the 15-minute city concept as a way to ensure that urban residents can fulfill six essential functions within a 15-minute walk or bike from their dwellings.

These functions include: living, working, commerce, healthcare, education and entertainment.The15-minute city framework of this model has four components; density, proximity, diversity and digitalization

The current climate crisis and global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the consideration and implementation of the 15-minute city.

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group report highlighted the importance of an inclusive community engagement through mechanisms like participatory budgeting and adjusting city plans and infrastructure to encourage dense, complete overall communities.

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