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Basics of Parametric design

For Beginners



Date and Time


90 Min


7:00 P.M. IST

Check out the workshop recording 

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-10 at 3.27.15 AM.


Hey, I'm Kedar.
I am a parametric designer, architect and educator who is dedicated to creating digitally fabricated sustainable designs. I have a Master’s degree in Advanced Architecture from IaaC, Barcelona. I have taught in many colleges and organizations like InterAccess, Canada; KRVIA College, Mumbai; SJBSAP College, Bangalore and many others. My motive it to educate and teach people about parametric design to make this design principle accessible to everyone.

About the Workshop

This workshop is aimed to teach the basic principles of parametric design using the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino. This workshop is especially aimed at people who have no prior experience with parametric design or Grasshopper.
We will understand what Parametric Design is, how it originated and what are it's implementations. Once we get acquainted with Parametric Design, Kedar will teach the participants basics of Grasshopper 3D, which is one of the widely used Parametric Design software worldwide.
The participants will understand how a script is made, what are components and how to connect them to make a parametric script. Lastly, we will decode the parametric façade of an existing architectural building inside Grasshopper.
To conclude, we will have a small 15-20 min Q&A, where the participants can ask questions to Kedar.

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