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Honorable Mention 10

By- Ramya R kudugunti

Covid-19 Memorial
In just a few months, the epidemic has spread throughout the world and it caused heavy pain for countless families. In order to honor those who have passed and bring solace to families, we set up worry-free phone booths in the communities. The deceased have fallen asleep, but their mobile phones are still retained. Community workers will collect mobile phones of the deceased according to the wishes of their families. These unanswered mobile phones will be connected to the phone booths through optical cables. The lights in phone booths are controlled by the mobile phone communication status through the program code. When the living people miss their dead relatives, they can dial the relative's phone number stored in their phone address books. At the same time, the lights in the phone booths which detect incoming calls will gradually brighten. everyone who passes by may also have lost a loved one. If he wants, he can easily walk into the illuminated phone booth and listen to the emotions from the other side of the phone. Each phone booth can only accommodate one person. People can listen to strangers' voices on the premise of observing the rules of self-isolation.

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