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Honorable Mention 05

By- Lei Wu

As once the world's most livable city, Melbourne has experienced a sharp increase in population

due to urban development, and greening is being lost to build more housing.

Through this speculative project, which symbolizes the transition of mankind from

contemporary society to the predicted era of full intelligence, we can see the beauty of an

optimistic future where virtual world is constructed collaboratively. Algorithms process massive

data in real-time; Huge, ever-shifting structures compose spaces in a dynamic equilibrium of

upload and feedback, which spread social media posts as greenery, and project human

interactions from multiple dimensions onto them.

This speculation is intended to respond to the residents' desire for greenery in a new way, and

build a new interactive form of social media to encourage individuals, which gradually social-
isolating in modern life, to communicate and re-share their thoughts.

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