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Honorable Mention 02

By- Abhay Chavan

/Brëathing spacë/


The futuristic internal manmade extent which creates a

breathable environment for living substance.
Space which helps to breathe.

The way we are disturbing the environment for our 'wants' is
irreparable if we won't stop it. In the near future, the outside
environment will be no longer breathable for leaving things.
Will humanity survive is the question. Then the inner built
spaces with the technology can be helpful for the survival
of us humans and nature. These inner spaces can design for
humans and flora and fauna. It can't replicate the nature
we are living with today but can contain some of it.

The above illustration is trying to show the same. All the
living things are directly or indirectly dependent on plants.
And plants need sunlight and some nutrition. With future
technology, if we can give them what they require they will
give back what others need, and that's the Breathing

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