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Parametric Design using Grasshopper 3d

Beginner to Advanced


12.5 Hrs.

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Hey, I'm Kedar.
I am a parametric designer, architect and educator who is dedicated to creating digitally fabricated sustainable designs. I have a Master’s degree in Advanced Architecture from IaaC, Barcelona. I have taught in many colleges and organizations like InterAccess, Canada; KRVIA College, Mumbai; SJBSAP College, Bangalore and many others. My motive it to educate and teach people about parametric design to make this design principle accessible to everyone.

About the Workshop

The term parametric design has been in the field of architecture for more than 60 years but recently during the last couple of decades it has come in limelight and people are thriving to pursue it every day. But do we actually know what Parametric Design is and who started it? Or how do we become a parametric thinker/designer with advanced computational tools?

The workshop on Parametric Design answers these questions by learning and adapting the parametric way of designing. In these sessions, participants will learn how to approach designs parametrically, using a combination of geometric and mathematical tools inside of David Rutten’s Grasshopper 3D, that will bring their design ideas to life.

By the end of the course, participants will have learnt the principles and practices of Parametric Design by employing computational design tools. Inclined B. Arch participants will gain insights into postgraduate level studies in Computational / Parametric / Advanced Architecture.


Live training and Teaching assistance.

Our courses are nothing like a typical courses. Live Interactive Workshops with personal assistance and doubt solving sessions.

Schedule (Batch 2)

Total Course Duration- 5 Days (12.5 Hours)

  • How will I recieve the Unique Registration Code?
    After completing the checkout, you will automatically receive an email from architerrax within 72 hours, confirming your registration along with the URC.
  • Who is this competition for?
    This competition is open for all architecture, planning, interior designing and graphic designing students. *this includes the graduates of 2020
  • Can the students of different colleges/academic years/fields be a part of the same team?
    Yes, as long as the participants are students of the relevant courses. ( i.e. students of architecture, planning, designing )
  • Can the registration details be changed?
    Yes, the registration details can be changed before the submission deadline. Teams are allowed to add, remove or swap team members as long as total members does not exceed three. Incase of any change in registration details you must notify us via mail ( with the previously registered email id).
  • Is the registration fee refundable?
    The registration fee is non refundable. It will only be refunded in case of cancellation of the competition.
  • Is there any specific site or limitation to site area?
    No, we have deliberately kept the site selection and area open for participants. The participants are free to select a real or hypothetical site. The objective is to think beyond the site constraints and design freely.

Participant Work

Here are some projects created by the participants of the previous batches.

Participant Reviews


The workshop was really helpful and thorough. I had a very basic understanding of Grasshopper. However this workshop opened ways for me in the parametric world. As the workshop covered very small project to Large scale complex project I got a understanding how far parametric design can go. Instructor was really helpful and co-operative. It was an amazing experience.

Amit Imtiaz

Parametric Design using Grasshopper 3d

—  Name, Title

Course Materials

The students will be provided with all the necessary materials and data after the workshop.


All the presentations made during the workshop will be shared.


The scripts created in Grasshopper by the Instructor will be shared.


The workshop recordings will be shared for reference for 45 Days.

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