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Basics of Rhino Grasshopper 3d

For Beginners



Date and Time


90 Min


3:30 P.M. GMT/ 9:00 P.M. IST

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Ar. David Copete

Hey, I'm David!

I teach architects, Engineers and Students how to use Grasshopper 3D for Architecture. 

Grasshopper is a powerful tool that has the ability to create complex and intricate designs using a system of components with inputs and outputs that program a particular design.

Once you get started, you will understand the power of this program, and wonder why more people are not using it.  

Like I mentioned before, let me help you get started, stay ahead, and improve your design skills.

About the Workshop

This workshop is aimed to teach the basic principles of parametric design using the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino. This workshop is especially aimed at people who have no prior experience with parametric design or Grasshopper.
We will understand what Parametric Design is, how it originated and what are its implementations.


Once we get acquainted with Parametric Design, Devid will teach the participants basics of Grasshopper 3D, which is one of the widely used Parametric Design software worldwide.
The participants will understand how a script is made, what are components and how to connect them to make a parametric script. Lastly, we will decode the parametric design using an example which will provide the participants an idea about the workflow and visual scripting. 

To conclude, we will have a small 15-20 min Q&A, where the participants can ask questions to David. 

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