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Architecture is a social art that touches all human beings at all levels of their existence everywhere and every day. This is the only discipline, which encompasses the four major fields of human Endeavour: Humanity, science, art, and technology, actually putting into practice the professional inputs drawn from them.

"When conserved, it is heritage and when in ruins, it becomes archaeology, reconstructing tell-tale pictures of the past civilizations." -Unknown

Having over three years of experience in the field of Architecture, I worked as a freelancer and architect in mentioned firms and studios.

With the belief in my heart in the principles & philosophies of Architecture and its legendary architects, I always try to do something new & sustainable in my own way. Also, to learn the mechanism of solving real-life problems to contribute to one’s desired chosen field.

Sincere and Ethical, two words that can describe me well.

Currently, I am working as an architect in Heights & Spaces (design studio), New Delhi, India.