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Interior Design : Color and Light

The interiors of a room directly dictates the mood and emotional strength of a person who chooses to stay there. Space have the capacity to make us feel calm or even anxious. This impact of the interiors makes it much more important to know our what's and how's while doing our home.

Effect of Colors :

An interior of a room defines the personality and character of the person. Colors like red are for passion and excitement while pink brings out the playfulness within us.The Neutrals give a sense of calmness while yellow and orange lead to a very cheerful mood, while the cool shades bring out the sense of serenity while the versatile, black and white link directly to modernity.

Each color has it own place, it is important to note which goes where. Colors like red are used in office building or living area. The neutrals are avoided from the bedrooms as they are so calming. Bright colors like yellow and orange help increase appetite hence are used in kitchens and dining areas. Colors like blue and purple can be used in bedrooms and the versitilesare mostly used in living spaces.

Effect of Lighting :

Thinking of the lighting, bright colors are used in kitchens to promote focus while living areas have mellow colours. Lighting not only effects the mood but also effects the shape and size of the room. The transition from outdoor lighting at night to the indoor lighting is to be taken care of.

Lighting for bedrooms is important, as when we need to sleep, the melatonin in our brain needs to decrease hence soft lighting must be used. We need intense lighting overhead for tensed lighting, workspace areas need bright wall lighting with cool tones. For privacy and private spaces low light levels in activity spaces and the rest of the space is dark.

We hope this article has been both informative and entertaining!


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