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Famous Buildings By Ar. Santiago Calatrava

Spanish born architect, Ar. Santiago Calatrava explores architecture as a fusion between engineering and art resulting in stunning structures that seem to defy physical laws.

For his creative use of materials and, forward-thinking design, his style has been regarded as neo-Futurist.

1. Lisbon Oriente Station, Portugal :

The latticed glass-and-steel canopy, inspired by Gothic architecture, is the most distinctive feature of the station, which can be compared to a tree.

2. Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil :

The two-story museum, inspired by the country's natural nature, has a cantilevered roof and a façade with moving components. The use of a continuous strip of scenery helps to the illusion that the museum is floating on top of the natural environment.

3. Quadracci Pavillion, USA :

The winglike brise-soleil of the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin is the most distinctive feature of the museum's identity. At night or during severe weather, the "wings" fold over the building, protecting visitors as well as the huge collection of artwork below.

4. Tenerife Auditorium, Spain :

The concrete structure is distinguished by its spectacular arch roof, which sweeps out from the ground to a height of 58 meters and bends like a breaking wave over the main auditorium. It was the first arch of its kind in the world.

5. Turning Torso, Sweden :

The Turning Torso was the world's first twisting skyscraper, turning 90 degrees along its height in nine pentagonal parts. The skyscraper represents Malmö's revitalization as well as Sweden's ambition to lead the globe in expressive, sustainable design typologies.

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